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Scholarly Teaching

Scholarly teaching is the process of observing a learning problem and implementing an educational intervention based on review of the literature. After systematically observing the impact of the intervention, scholarly teaching requires documentation and analysis of results as well as critical reflection and peer evaluation.


Richlin, L. Scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching. New directions for teaching and learning, 2001(86): 57-68.


In this section, you can explore my scholarly teaching projects.

“We grow forward when the delights of growth and anxieties of safety 
are greater than the anxieties of growth and the delights of safety.”

~Abraham Maslow

Project 1: Flipping a pain therapeutics module

Problem: Students in 3rd year elective and 4th year rotations demonstrate poor understanding of basic pain management, which is taught by an awarding winning and highly loved professor. Is there a teaching method that will increase understanding and retention of pain therapeutics? Previous investigations demonstrated flipping the classroom improves student performance on written exams in an OTC, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacoceutics course. 

Intervention: Flip pain module and compare student performance on written & objective structured clinical exams between traditional and flipped cohorts


Watch the video to learn more about this educational methods study.

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