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Student and Peer Feedback

"When your views on the world and your intellect are being challenged and you begin to feel uncomfortable because of a contradiction you’ve detected that is threatening your current model of the world…pay attention. You are about to learn something."

~William H. Drury, Jr.

Student Feedback: Didactic Elective Course

"Very good at explaining concepts"

"Very knowledgeable, very engaging"

"Made sure everyone understood before moving on"

"She did a great job keeping the class engaged with her questions"

"Very engaging!"

"She made the opioid conversions quite easy to understand"

"I really liked that Dr. Lockman created an online presentation and youtube video that explained step-by-step conversions for opioids"

"I liked how you provided multiple examples and the mini lectures before classes. The infograms you created were really helpful!"

-Third year pharmacy students

Care of the Terminally Ill Fall 2014

Student Feedback: Required Didactic Coursework

“Dr. Lockman was very organized and kept the pace moving well. Great job at highlighting important topics during class. Rather than just going straight from the textbook, Dr. Lockman was able to speak in greater depth about the benefits and risks of alternating acetaminophen with ibuprofen for fever. She also did a great job with emphasizing the importance of when to avoid NSAIDs (specific disease states). Very interactive. She made cold-call seem less intimidating somehow.”

-Third year pharmacy student

Pharmacotherapy of Self-Care: Analgesics (case-based)

Spring 2015

Peer Feedback: CE

"Superb, engaging presentation"


"Appeared confident and knowledgeable, able to speak from experience.
Personality showed, which always helps to keep the audience engaged. Able
to balance being informative/evidence-based, but also clinically practical.
Overall great job."


"Dr. Lockman clearly had very thorough knowledge of the studies she discussed, and had a very strong analysis of each study discussed. She presented
in a very informative manner while also being entertaining. Dr. Lockman dealt
with technological difficulties very gracefully even though she was not at all
responsible for them."


A Moving Conversation about Constipation, ACPE-Accredited CE

"Thank you again for your outstanding and thoughtful presentation. It was presented so clearly that it stimulated us all to recognize the levels of complexity in addressing symptom  management. This is the first step toward developing teaching for non-palliative specialists."

-Professor, University of Maryland School of Medicine
Palliating Symptoms Experienced by People Living with HIV


"Overall an exceptional presentation. Well thought-out & organized session. Did the best job I have seen yet of incorporating active learning throughout a presentation. Excellent command of the content and very professionally delivered."


"Dr. Lockman is an outstanding presenter & should be considered for national speaking opportunities in the future."


When Less is More: The Art & Science of Deprescribing, ACPE-Accredited CE

A Moving Conversation About Constipation:
Audience Feedback,  n = 25

November 2014

When Less is More: The Art & Science of Deprescribing:
Audience Feedback,  n = 23

October 2015
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